Have you ever wondered about the easiest and fastest way to burn out? Then keep reading as I present to you the ultimate quick guide on how to burn out in 5 easy steps!


how to burn out in 5 easy steps

Step 1 – Set Goals

Don’t only set goals, but very high and ambitious goals. Be better than everyone else and make sure to please everybody! Give at least 100% all the time and never ever less than your absolute best. Plan your tasks and goals as ambitiously as possible, that way you can never achieve them and fail often.

Step 2 – Focus on professional career

Always put your career first. Private life is overrated. Your work should always be the main reason to do anything. Start immediately, never stop and do as much as you can. Evenings and weekends off? Those are only for the weak. Family, friends and hobbies are never as important as your career. Ever.

Step 3 – Say Yes

Always say Yes. Whenever someone asks you for a favor or to take on an additional task. It only shows how important you are! Help all of them. All the time. Even if that means neglecting other areas of your life (remember Step 2!).

Step 4 – Be Available

Be available. Always. Respond to every email immediately, always pick up the phone. No matter how late, they need you!

Step 5 – Criticise Yourself

Be self-critical. Not only a little bit, but really mean it. I am sure you know the feeling of not being good enough, we made sure of that in Step 1. Relish in this feeling, do not accept any mistake you make. Remember, you need to be perfect.



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