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This video was filmed in 2017

My Clients


My clients are people like you and me, who often come to me with a specific issue they are currently dealing with and can’t seem to solve or figure out on their own. 


Some of the most common issues my clients struggle with are:

  • Relationship & family conflicts
  • Self-esteem deficits
  • Stress & burnout
  • Issues relating to expat/cross-cultural life, from identity questions to relationship issues and the famous “should I stay or should go” question.


While some of my clients only come for a few sessions (usually 5-10), others are looking for longer-term support in difficult times or just a safe space to think aloud, question themselves and get to know themselves better. Some of my clients have been working with me for multiple years, and others come back every so often when a new (or often similar) issue arises. 



My Approach 


My online counselling services are solution-focused and strengths-based.

After completing my studies in psychology, I trained as a psychotherapist in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I received further training in other counselling methods and love using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in my online counselling sessions.

My clients appreciate my professional training and expertise and my open, curious, and authentic approach to counselling.

My clients are free to book their sessions whenever it best fits them and their schedules. We usually start with weekly sessions, but overall, many of my clients talk to me 1-2 times per month, while some come 1-2 times per week. I try my best to adapt to my clients’ scheduling needs, and as I travel quite a bit myself, my clients will also need to adjust to my changing time zones every once in a while. 

All sessions take place via video calls.

CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is one of the best-studied and effective psychotherapeutic methods and is often considered the gold standard of modern psychotherapy. CBT focuses on cognitions, i.e. thoughts, beliefs, attitudes. Many elements of CBT are also regularly applied in counselling and coaching. In our online counselling work, we will first analyse together which behaviour and thought patterns are influencing your current situation. These are often automatic thoughts or behavioural patterns that recur in certain situations. These reactions may have been useful in the past, but today they may be a hurdle on your path to a fulfilled life.

ACT - Acceptance und Commitment Therapy

ACT is a method used in psychotherapy as well as in coaching and counselling and belongs to the so-called third wave of behavioural therapy. As the name says, ACT focuses on acceptance and mindfulness, but also on committed actions and changes. The aim of ACT (pronounced like the English “act” = to act) is to increase psychological flexibility in order to act according to our values in a constantly changing (inner and outer) world and to help us live a rich and meaningful life.

Solution-focused and individually tailored to your needs

We will work out solutions tailored to your situation and needs. We will use exercises and tools from the methods mentioned above, which are particularly suitable for counselling, to help you live the life you want to live in a meaningful way.

My clients appreciate my professional training and expertise as well as my open, curious and authentic approach to counselling.

Multicultural and multilingual

I work in German, French and English. Many of my international clients contact me because they would like to speak to someone in their native language but who is also familiar with the local culture or language. I grew up bilingual myself and have been travelling the world full-time as a digital nomad since 2014, so I have personal experience with many of the issues my clients face every day. You can read more about my path to online counselling here. Check out my blog to learn more about my life as a digital nomad here.

Online Counselling Limits


Please note that I am based and registered as a therapist in Germany. The online counselling offered here does not constitute psychotherapy in the sense of German psychotherapy regulations. While in some other countries psychotherapy online has been well established for many years, German laws around this are just starting to change. At the moment, psychotherapy can only take place online after an initial face-to-face diagnosis.
Furthermore, online counselling cannot offer adequate support in all cases. Some problems, especially acute psychological crises as well as serious mental disorders, require in-person and long-term contact. In these cases, please contact psychotherapists or emergency services in your area. If you are unsure whether you need counselling or perhaps psychotherapy after all, feel free contact me, and we can explore together what is appropriate for your situation.

Methods of Online Counselling

Online Counselling via Video


By far the most popular form of online counselling!

At a set time, we meet for a conversation via video chat. Usually we use both sound and video, but you can switch off your video if you prefer. Video sessions are the option that is most similar to a face-to-face conversation. On top of sound, they also convey facial expressions and body language.

We always start with a 90-minute intake session. We will use this time to get to know each other, and you have plenty of time to give me a first overview of your situation, issues and goals.

Following sessions usually last 50 minutes, although depending on your situation we might opt for 90 minutes. In the beginning, I usually recommend weekly sessions; later on, we might switch to bi-monthly sessions. We will decide this together to make sure the process fits your needs and situation.


Email Counselling


Email counselling offers the highest degree of flexibility. You can write to me when it suits you. I will answer your email within 2 days (Monday-Friday). You can take as much time as you like to formulate your answers and don’t have to worry about my immediate response. This option is therefore particularly suitable for people who want to be flexible in terms of time and who like to express themselves in writing. You can find a detailed overview of the advantages of email counselling here.

There are two options: 

  1. Email Short Counselling
  2. Do you have a very specific question?
    Then opt for the short email consultation: 2-3 emails to convey your situation, some questions from me to clarify and a final recommendation for further action (exercises, therapeutic approaches, alternative consultation or therapy methods, etc.)

  3. Email Flat-Rate
  4. Would you like a consultation by email with a longer-term and more in-depth exchange? Then opt for the monthly flat rate. 

You purchase a monthly flat rate (valid 30 days) and can write to me as much and as often as you like. I will answer within forty-eight hours (Monday-Friday). If this is not possible, I will extend your flat-rate accordingly.


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