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A digital nomad psychologist? Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Over the years, a number of national and international publications have reached out and interviewed me to learn more about my background, my everyday life and work as well as nomad life and mental health in general. If you would like to interview me or would like me to write a guest post for you on your blog, please send an email to:


Fitmacher Podcast | 2023

The Press NZ: Employers pull out the stops for skilled migrants amid global battle for talent

The Press NZ | 2023


psylife | 2023

Navigating Mental Health as a Digital Nomad

Success | 2023

Location Independent Therapists: What Is It Like to be a Digital Nomad Therapist? An Interview with Sonia Jaeger

LIT Community | 2023


Karrierepfade | 2023

Euronews: Digital nomad life could be the ‘self medication’ you need

Euronews | 2022

Deutschlandfunk - Während meine Kunden schlafen

Deutschlandfunk | 2022

Forbes: Moderne Nomaden

Forbes | 2021

stern | 2021

SWR2 Während Meine Kunden Schlafen

SWR2 | 2021

Mobile Relocation Interview

Mobile Relocation | 2021

Bridget Romanes | 2021

andy sto | 2021

Cheek Magazine | 2021

Leading from afar | 2021

Nomad + Spice | 2021

Migratory Patterns | 2020

Nomad + Spice | 2020

Stylist | 2020

Tandem Nomads | 2019

Phd Career Story | 2019

Re:Set Fest | 2019

dpa Merkur | 2018

Visiting Home & Family

Nomad + Spice | 2018

Travelbook | 2018

Süddeutsche | 2017

Digital Nomad Girls | 2017

Nomadweek | 2017

Basic Thinking | 2016

Vice | 2016

Guest Blog Posts

Once in a while, I also write for other websites. So far, only in German, but who knows, maybe you will find some English blog posts here next time you come here? You can find some more articles I wrote for Mobility Mag here.

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Psylife Hindernisse Onlinebusiness

Psylife | 2022

Sonia Jaeger Psylife Article 2021

Psylife | 2021

PsyLife 6 Mythen zum Onlinebusiness

Psylife | 2021

Psylife | 2019

Psylife | 2018

Psylife | 2018

Mobility Mag | 2016

Mobility Mag | 2016

Do you want to interview me or would you like me to write a guest post on your blog?

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