Searching for LoveHave you found love? Love for another human being, love from someone or maybe even love for yourself?

Todays therapeutic story reminds us, that no matter how far we travel in our search for love, we won’t be able to see and find it until we start loving ourselves. The story is from the book Aus der Schatzkiste des Lebens von Tania Konnerth (translated from German).






There once was a woman searching for love.

First she looked in her own village. She walked around and asked every man and every woman: “Say, do you love me?”

Most smiled uncertainly and sympathetically, some reacted with anger. Nowhere did shefind love. So she decided to travel the world until she found love.

Said and done. But everywhere she experienced the same as in her own village: people reacting friendly at best, angry at worst. But far and wide no love.

Sad, she returned to her village and her home.

Tired she kicked off her dusty clothes and took a bath. When looking into the mirror she paused. Out of habit she asked the question, with which she had been traveling the world for so long: Say, do you love me?

And a feeling grew in her and she found herself nodding.

When she went outside the next day, she saw love everywhere. She had found love because she loved.


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