Each client comes to me with their own story – a colourful mixture of individual experiences, concerns, and wishes. But as unique as the individual experiences may be, certain issues come up again and again. So today I’d like to present to you the top 3 issues I address in my online psychological practice.


Top 3 issues addressed in my online psychological practice


1. Relationship problems

The most common issues people come to me for help with are, far and away, relationship problems. There are many difficulties that people can have in this area. From being stuck in an on-again-off-again relationship or affair, a lack of passion and the monotony of everyday life to the question of whether to separate or not. Often these clients have already discussed the situation with friends and now want a more neutral, outside perspective from me, since I don’t know their partner and can look at the situation from a different viewpoint. Some clients already know in advance that they want to separate, they just don’t really know how. Even more often, however, the aim is to improve communication within the partnership and to be able to communicate one’s own wishes and needs more clearly in order to find a better solution, together with the partner.

2. Fears

A large number of people who opt for online counselling are those who suffer from anxiety and therefore cannot physically attend a local therapist. Be it because of social fears, the fear of leaving the house, driving a car or venturing to a larger town or city, the path to attending a resident psychotherapist can seem insurmountable. In these circumstances, online counselling offers many advantages. Some of these clients decide to visit a psychotherapist after our online consultation. This can also be a success! For others, online counselling proves to be sufficient to bring about decisive changes and to expand their own radius of action step by step and overcome their fears.

3. Overload and stress-related problems

An exhausting, demanding job, small children, a house, a dog and a partner who wants something from you. Quite a few people reach their limits and realize that they have to change something. But if you don’t really know where to start, because all areas of life are important and require attention, I’ll help you take a closer look at all these “I have to” things during the online consultation. Sometimes we conclude that you don’t have to receive work emails on your private mobile phone or that you don’t always have to be reachable in the evening or on weekends. Sometimes it’s about structuring everyday life a bit better, redistributing tasks, setting priorities or asking for and accepting help. Often it’s a matter of taking things down a notch; not only with respect to your activities but, more importantly, in relation to your expectations of yourself.

Of course, there are many more issues that I help people deal with in my psychological online practice; from sexual disorders, aggression problems, managing grief, lack of self-esteem and decision-making difficulties. Seldom is there only one single problem and it is not always so clearly formulated from the outset what the issues are. Sometimes it is also about finding out together what is actually behind the discomfort and dissatisfaction.


Are you looking for support as you deal with life’s twists and turns? Is it time to tackle problem areas and bring some light to the darkness? Then please, get in touch – I will be happy to help you!


























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