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Mental health for the globally mobile

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Did you know that expats and migrants are at higher risk for mental health issues? Relocating to a new country increases the risk of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, which is why it’s imperative that there are initiatives in place to support their specific needs.

This presentation on migrant and expat mental health and well-being, conducted as either a workshop for international workers or as a talk for HR, managers and supervisors, gives an overview of mental health facts, the unique challenges the globally mobile face and introduces tools to manage their mental health and ways employers can (and should) help their internationals.

Who is it for: Organisations hiring international workers

Format: Presented as a talk for HR, managers and supervisors, or as an interactive workshop for international workers

Platform: Online or in-person

Duration: 60-120 minutes, depending on format

Language: English, German or French

This talk was first presented in New Zealand in 2019 in collaboration with Mobile Relocation Ltd and has since been presented on numerous occasions for corporations and conferences around the globe.

As the demand for location-independent services rises, mental health professionals are harnessing the power of technology to take their therapy and counselling services online.

From exploring the pros and cons of working online and ethical and legal considerations, to marketing strategies, business mindset, and designing engaging virtual sessions – this session covers all the basics for moving your practice online. The format can be adapted depending on the audience, from a concise 1-hour presentation introducing the basics of online therapy to a comprehensive 2-day workshop, offering everything you need to know for starting your own successful online business.

Who is it for: Mental health professionals looking to work online

Format: Workshop or presentation

Platform: Online or in-person

Duration: Ranging from a 60-minute introductory presentation to a 2-day workshop

Language: English, German or French

Versions of this talk/workshop have been presented at the FIGT2019 conference, as a webinar series for psylife magazine and as part of the 2-day intensive workshop Bootcamp Onlinepraxis.

Working online as a therapist

Recent & Future Events

Learn more about previous and upcoming events below. Details are presented in the language specific to each event.

Die Erfolgreiche Onlinepraxis

Intensivseminar | Alle Grundlagen für den Aufbau einer erfolgreichen Onlinepraxis an einem Wochenende.

Nächstes Bootcamp: Herbst 2024
Mehr Infos über den Link!

Be-In Kongress

Online | 2024

Virtuelle Präsentation “Als Digitale Nomadin in der Psychologie” im Rahmen des 9-tägigen Berufsinformationsfestivals be-in, organisiert vom Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen (BDP).

Deloitte Wellbeing Series

New Zealand | 2023

Series of workshops held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in partnership with Mobile Relocation Experts for the international employees of Deloitte New Zealand.

Be-In Kongress

Online | 2023

Virtuelle Präsentation im Rahmen des 9-tägigen Berufsinformationsfestivals be-in für Psychologie Studenten, organisiert vom Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen (BDP). 

Psylife Live | Webinar Reihe

Das A und O für ein erfolgreiches Online-Business (26.04.2023)

Mit dem passenden Angebot und System zum Erfolg (21.06.2023)

Marketing – Sichtbar sein und online gefunden werden (26.07.2023)

Videoberatungen richtig vorbereiten und kreativ gestalten (06.09.2023)

Brand Strategy Workshop

Online | 2022

Interactive brand strategy workshop for (online) therapists hosted in the Location Independent Therapists (LIT) Community in partnership with branding expert Zsanka.

Digital Nomad Anniversary

Online | 2021

To mark my 7th nomad anniversary in October 2021, I hosted an interactive virtual meet-up open to all, sharing about my journey as a digital nomad and online therapist.


Online | 2021

Understanding remote work and pandemic related challenges

Firestore | Google

Online | 2021

Coping with Covid19 through 2021: Mental health, resilience & remote work in the face of ongoing adversity

FIGT Annual Conference

Online | 2021

Forum Discussion | One home, two homes or no homes? Is a digital nomad life the future for the globally mobile?

Fachtag Landkreis Ludwigsburg

Online | 2021

Fachtag der Psychologischen Beratungsstelle Ludwigsburg

NZ International Candidate Meet-up

Online | 2020 & 2021

New Zealand based businesses and their international employees


Online | 2020

J’ai animé deux discussions de groupes pour l’équipe d’une production Netflix francophone afin de répondre à leurs questions et préoccupations concernant la gestion de l’anxiété et du stress accrus dus à la pandémie. Après les discussions de groupe, les participants ont eu la possibilité d’effectuer un suivi par le biais de séances individuelles avec moi.

NZ International Talent Forum

New Zealand | 2019

How employers can support migrant and expat wellbeing and mental health (and why they should!)

Mental Health Awareness Week

New Zealand | 2019

Mental Health Toolbox for Internationals presented by Mobile Relocation Experts

FIGT Annual Conference

Thailand | 2019

Presentation | Is Online the Future of Therapy for the Globally Mobile?

7in7 Digital Nomad Conference

New Zealand | 2019

Panelist | Caring for the mental health of digital nomads

7in7 Digital Nomad Conference

Colombia | 2018

Workshop Facilitator | Creating your location independent mental health toolbox

What others say about my events

I recently engaged Dr Jaeger to present to a team of 80+ software engineers around coping and resilience during Covid one year on. Dr Jaeger's delivery was mesmerising, holding the attention of demanding audience, in a forum typically used for more technical topics. Her extensive experience as a remote worker, leading remote teams and working with remote clients, brought a much needed perspective. She was sensitive and authoritative, using an effective mix of statistics, facts, theory and practical tips to scaffold hard topics around mental health and motivation. Dr Jaeger was a pleasure to work with, asking pertinent questions to fully understand the brief. Her slides were professional and enhanced the material and a lasting resource in their own right. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Dr Jaeger again and recommend her wholeheartedly.

Richard Gould

Site Reliability Engineering Manager, Google

Dr. Sonia Jaeger successfully ran a mental health toolbox workshop for internationals at the Auckland Tonkin + Taylor office. Her expertise and own experiences added a lot of value to the presentation and helped starting a conversation across the business. She demonstrated her knowledge through showing us different tools, coping mechanisms and answered every question asked during an open Q & A session. She is wonderful to work with, responsive and knows her topic inside and out. I highly recommend working with her as she has a lot to offer. Keep up the good work!

Anni von Koelln

Content Advisor, Tonkin + Taylor

Dr Sonia came into Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland NZ in September 2019. She was invited to speak to staff about the impact on mental health for internationals working for us & she shared her toolbox of ways to manage ourselves. This appealed to employees, managers and colleagues and deepened their understanding of the pressures of every day life away from your home country. We were over subscribed for the event with 250+ employees who came along. The feedback was very positive and all who attended enjoyed Dr Sonia's ability to connect and convey in a gentle yet meaningful way. I can highly recommend her as an expert on mobility and her skills as a speaker on mental health are outstanding.

Diana Bilbrough

Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Manager at, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Sonia gave a wonderful workshop at a conference I attended this year. Not only was she a delightful person, but she gave us incredible insights into how we can manage stress and anxiety as remote workers who travel a lot. I would highly recommend her if you're in need of guidance as an expat and/or remote worker. 

Hannah Dixon

Virtual Assistant Coach & Matchmaker, Speaker, Remote Work Leader, Digital Nomad

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