Die Probleme der anderen / Worries of other peopleWe all have problems and worries, small and big ones. And as we tend to focus on our own sorrows, they seem especially big and important. The more we concentrate on something, the bigger it becomes.


And if you think you would prefer to exchange your worries with those of your neighbour, then read the following story:



In a village there was a very old, strong tree.

One day, all villagers where invited to pack up their problems and worries and hang them onto the tree.

The condition however was to take another package instead.

At home the packages where opened. But with consternation the villagers discovered that the problems and worries of other people seemed much bigger than their own!

And so they all went back to the tree and instead of the packages of others they took their own back and returned back home happy.


[A story form India]


What do you think? Would you like to exchange your problems with someone else or do you prefer to keep your own?

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