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From mental health for the globally mobile to online counselling and digital nomad life. Find out more about my workshops and talks

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Workshops & Talks

As much as I love my online counselling work, from time to time it’s great to put on some shoes, leave the house and work with a group of people IRL. I especially love talking about the benefits of online counselling and, more broadly, about mental health for expats, migrants and digital nomads. These are some of the workshops and talks I deliver.

Mental Health Toolbox for Internationals

Moving countries increases the risk of depression, anxiety and mental health issues. It is inherently stressful when all aspects of a person’s life are in a state of change. They face a unique set of challenges, and need specific solutions which often fall outside the experience and expertise of EAP service providers.

This workshop is for any organization employing international talent or recent migrants. It gives an overview of mental health facts, the specific challenges the globally mobile face and introduces tools to manage their mental health, ranging from mindfulness to community to handling negative thoughts and feelings.

This workshop was first developed and presented in New Zealand in collaboration with Mobile Relocation Ltd.

Duration: 90-120 minutes.

Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

How employers can support migrant and expat wellbeing and mental health – and why they should!

Did you know that expats and migrants are at higher risk for mental health issues? No? Well, you aren’t the only one! In this talk for HR, managers and supervisors, This talk give an overview of mental health facts, the specific challenges the globally mobile face and introduces ways employers can (and should) help their internationals!

It’s imperative that employers have initiatives in place to support the specific mental health and wellbeing needs of internationals. The performance of expat talent depends on it.

This workshop was first presented in New Zealand in 2019 in collaboration with Mobile Relocation Ltd.

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

Creating Your Location Independent Mental Health Toolbox

Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Care for Your Mental Health Wherever You Go

Location Independence comes with a number of mental health challenges.

This workshop covers some of the mental health factors and risks of location independence life and introduces tools and techniques from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy designed to prevent difficult thoughts and feelings from getting in the way of living a meaningful and fulfilling life while on the road.

This workshop was first presented at the 7in7 conference 2018 with Melissa Parks, PhD from Intentional Expat

Duration: 90-120 minutes

Is online the future of counselling for the globally mobile?

An ever-increasing number of individuals in our world are living globally-mobile lifestyles and are in need of location independent services that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. In order to meet this need, many mental health professionals are harnessing the power of technology to take their own therapy and counselling services online. Online therapy may offer benefits for certain types of clients but is not necessarily for everyone. Two location independent counsellors working online with digital nomads, expats and other globally mobile clients will share their unique perspectives and experience of providing online counselling for the globally mobile.

This talk was first presented at the FIGT2019 conference with Vivian Chiona from Expatnest

Recent & Future Events

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